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Why Choose Us?


Why choose us? We take dentistry to another level!

Outside of being able to provide outstanding comprehensive general, implant, and prosthodontic treatment, our in-house dental lab sets us apart from every other practice in Nashville. The dental lab is where we custom makes everything we deliver to our patients, from dentures to crowns to custom implant prostheses. While some practices have limited lab capacity, i.e., the ability to make dentures or ‘same-day’ crowns, our practice has a full-service dedicated lab with three full-time technicians, in addition to Dr. Cottrill, who understands all facets of dental lab work and design. Whether it’s a single veneer or a full mouth reconstruction, it’s right up our alley. Collectively, we have over 100 years of laboratory experience that ranges from classic to cutting-edge techniques. 

A practice like this is truly a labor of love. The lab requires not only a significant amount of additional expertise and experience beyond clinical dentistry but an extraordinary amount of time! All the work from the lab is personally examined and guided by the doctor throughout the production process to ensure it meets the highest standard; Dr. Cottrill may very well be the one making your crown. Most importantly, the doctor’s expert understanding of the lab processes ultimately translates to a much deeper understanding and appreciation of clinical dentistry. 

What this means for the patients is better fitting, better functioning, and more esthetic finished products. Examples of how the lab improves the quality of treatment are innumerable but include the following: 

  • All cosmetic and reconstructive cases are first digitally designed and milled or printed. This 'prototype' is tried in the patient’s mouth so that he/she may evaluate every nuance of the shape and design the finished product will have. Changes are made in real-time by Dr. Cottrill or a lab technician. Once the pattern is approved, it is used as a guide for the final restoration. Even the final restoration can still be modified in the lab to the exacting requests of the patients. We pride ourselves in being able to manage the most complex cases in part for this reason. 
  • In the event a crown does not touch your adjacent teeth tightly, additional porcelain is applied to make sure the contacts between your teeth and crown are ideal and prevent plaque and food accumulation. 
  • Complex, esthetic, and reconstruction cases have custom temporaries finished in the dental lab by either Dr. Cottrill or a technician. We want your ‘temporaries’ to look better than the teeth you came in with! 
  • Crowns and bridges are always best if not adjusted with a drill before being cemented. All porcelain, zirconia, and even metal is more abrasive if adjusted, which translates to more rapid wear of opposing teeth. All our crowns are adjusted if need be, then glazed and polished in the lab to eliminate abrasion before being cemented. 
  • If you don’t like the way your denture teeth look, they’ll be repositioned the same day with your direct input until you are happy. 
  • Crowns can be custom colored on your appointment by Dr. Cottrill or a lab technician to resemble your natural teeth better. If necessary, a different shade of porcelain can be applied without requiring you to return for another appointment. 
  • Broken teeth that may otherwise need to be removed can be restored with custom cast metal posts made the same day. 
  • Repairs of porcelain crowns and bridges, as well as dentures, are often possible, as opposed to replacement. 

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