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Male Smiles


See below a testimonial of Charles, a patient of Dr. Ronald P. Lubovich, who used to own the dental practice.

Charles was referred by an oral surgeon because Charles was not getting anywhere in his treatment at three other dental offices. Charles had six upper jaw implants, and he wanted a dental restoration that looked "exactly like his old denture". He had worn the upper denture for about 15 years and he wanted whatever done to look the same as his old denture. As it turned out, his old denture was made to appear like his natural teeth, which were crooked.

Charles is a fastidious gentleman, and a graphic artist. He know what he wanted and helped design the pattern seen in the picture of the pattern. These patterns are very important, and we help patients understand that their bridges or crowns will look very much like the pattern (contour, length, width, shape). Wax is, of course a solid color, and colors are selected from color shade guides. The pattern is then used to create the porcelain bridge or crowns. Patients are requested to sign a happines form saying they are ready to complete the bridge or crowns in the shapes of the pattern they helped create.

This bridge is created with crooked teeth, similar to the crooked appearance of his old denture. The picture to the right is a mirror picture of the bridge in place. Take a few seconds to look at the crooked tooth appearance. How nice it must be to have the palate exposed, once again, like it is with natural teeth, after wearing a denture for 15 years.

Contact us for pictures of the facial appearance of the bridges (through his moustache). This appearance is very masculine, notice the teeth are angled, and not rounded. This creates a manly dental appearance. Charles participated in the design of this pattern, and wanted a very dignified color with imitation crack-lines in the appearance of the bridge. We enjoyed the privilege of providing Charles a "Charles designed" smile.


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