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Say No To Silver Mercury Fillings


Dental silver fillings are composed of silver and mercury. Mercury has long been known as a poison. It is more poisonous than arsenic.

Dr. Cottrill is a non-mercury dentist. For many years now, Dr. Cottrill has refrained from placing silver-mercury fillings. We have alternatives for silver-mercury fillings. Those alternatives are called composite fillings. Composite fillings are white in color, and new composites are hard and wear resistant.

Many patients have been referred to Dr. Cottrill for the removal of their mercury containing fillings. During the removal of silver-mercury fillings, we administer oxygen to patients, use a protective barrier, and use high volume suction to pick up all of the filling as it is ground out.

One of Dr. Lubovich's patients, the old owner of the practice, described a situation where, when he was 18 years old, had 20 silver-mercury fillings placed. Two weeks later, he developed diabetes. It is likely that all of the mercury contacted at that time poisoned his pancreas, causing him to become a diabetic.

Mercury has been suggested to be a cause of many different diseases. Many patients are requesting their mercury fillings be removed because of this fear. The American Dental Association has found no research that demonstrates any direct cause-effect relating mercury to cause diseases. Therefore, the ADA continues to suggest that silver with mercury fillings are safe for patient use. Dr. Cottrill does not dispute that there is no research to show that mercury causes different diseases. Dr. Cottrill simply does not want to take that chance, and introduce a substance that is a known poison into a patient’s mouth and teeth.


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