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Crowns Specialist

Nashville Cosmetic & Implant Dentistry: Adam Cottrill, DMD

Dental Implant Specialist, Prosthodontics and Cosmetic Dentist located in Nashville, TN

If you need a dental crown, there’s no need to panic. Getting one is a painless procedure that results in a healthier, brighter smile. A dental crown is a cover or cap for your tooth that helps restore its normal shape and color. Dr. Adam Cottrill has years of experience placing dental crowns, and he provides a quick, comfortable procedure in his Nashville, Tennessee, office. If you need a dental crown or are experiencing pain from an existing crown, call today or book a consultation online to get started.

Crowns Q & A

What is a dental crown?

A crown is a cap that fits over your tooth to restore its strength and improve its appearance.

People need crowns for various reasons. One common reason is to restore a tooth following a root canal. Sometimes a weak or cracked tooth needs a crown to hold it together, and sometimes a crown is purely cosmetic.

What is the dental crown process like?

First, Dr. Cottrill examines your tooth to make sure it’s a good fit for a crown and can support one. Then, you receive a local anesthetic in the gum tissue around the tooth, so you don’t feel any pain during the process.

Following this, Dr. Cottrill prepares the tooth by trimming it down on all sides — usually only a millimeter or two — to make room for the crown. If a portion of your tooth is missing, Dr. Cottrill uses a filling material to build it up so that it can support the crown.  

Then, Dr. Cottrill makes impressions of your tooth using either putty or a digital scanner. Doing so helps him model the crown with detailed precision, so it doesn’t affect your bite and feels just like your old tooth. He also matches the color of your crown to your other teeth.

Lastly, once the crown is created, Dr. Cottrill checks its fit and appearance, and allows you to bring up any questions or concerns you have. He then cements the crown in place. Just like that, you have your smile back!

How long do crowns last?

Crowns can last up to 20 years under the right circumstances, but they last less than five years if abused. A crown’s lifespan depends on preventive care, how much wear and tear the tooth suffers, and your particular habits (e.g., grinding or clenching your teeth).

Dr. Cottrill can help you determine if a dental crown is the right method of tooth restoration for you. Make an appointment with him today: call or book your appointment online.

What are same-day crowns?

Unlike traditional crowns, which typically require at least two trips to the dentist, same-day crowns allow you to get in and out with your new crown in one day.

During your first visit for a traditional crown, your dentist will prepare your damaged tooth for the procedure and fit you for a temporary filling.

You will then wait for about two to three weeks while your dentist sends your impression to the lab to have your crown created before applying it during your second visit. Same-day crowns don’t call for any wait time and can easily be done during your first trip to the dentist.

With same-day crowns, your dentist must have the proper equipment and training to create your new crown and apply it during one appointment.

Should I get a same-day crown?

Same-day crowns offer convenience and comfort for those who don’t want to wait for weeks on end to get their new crowns. This is an excellent option for patients on the go, who simply can’t schedule two visits and take off two days of work.

Many patients also feel that same-day crowns are more comfortable than traditional crowns, since 3D photos, CAD, and CAM create the most precise fit possible for your teeth.

Because same-day crowns are always porcelain, you may also find this option to be more attractive than traditional crowns, which can often be silver or gold.

Can I get same-day crowns anywhere?

It’s important to do your research before opting for same-day crowns. According to USA Today, only 10% of dental offices have the ability to provide them. Same-day crowns are expensive and require your dentist to invest in extremely high-tech equipment, software, and extensive training for the whole office.

Dr. Cottrill can help you determine if a dental crown is the right method of tooth restoration for you. Make an appointment with him today. Call the office, or book your appointment online.