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Have You Heard About Dental Water?


20/20's television show presented the poor quality of many dental offices' dental water. Our office has always had water purification systems. We are proud to presently have a computerized sanitation process that cleans our office supply water, as it enters the building. The computer operated system removes chemicals from the water such as Chlorine. There is more Chlorine in many citie's water supplies than in most swimming pools. At that content of Chlorine, water is not healthy to drink. Our system also removes Fluoride from the water. Fluoride may be good to help children in their decay prevention; however, it is also a poison, and we need not have it in our dental office water system. The water purification system also removes sediment and other particles from our water system. Our purification system is installed at the entrance of city water to our building, so all of our water is cleaned and purified for our use.


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