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Homeopathy is a buzzword often used to describe an effort to heal with natural sources, such as herbs and vitamins.

For example, Xylitol, a natural sugar is reported to have benefits for patients in preventing tooth decay. Please review the article in our newsletter. The newsletter is posted on our website.

Allergic to a dental material? Dr. Cottrill can help you learn what dental materials you may be allergic to.

Concerned about sterility and sanitation in dental offices? OSHA has requirements for dentistry and the care of patients. Dr. LuBovich's teammates follow the standards of sanitation and sterilization that OSHA requires. We do this in our patients' best interests, and ours.

Have you heard that mercury in dental fillings can be dangerous to your health? Dr. LuBovich is a non-mercury dentist. OSHA has strict rules in the handling of mercury. Mercury is more toxic than arsenic. Dr. LuBovich uses alternative filling materials that are biocompatible and not dangerous to our patients' health. Read more about mercury fillings in the newsletter posted on our website.

Concerned about the quality of water in dental units? Dr. Cottrill's office has a computerized water treatment system that sanitizes the water. Our water tastes better, and all of the chlorine is removed. If you smell tap water from Nashville's water supply, you might pull back your nose quickly from the foul smell. Our dental office water has no aroma, it is wonderfully clean!


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